Upward YONI


Upward Yoni is a yoga-inspired lifestyle brand with a fashion forward mindset. All of the Upward tees are eco-friendly and each tee is designed by female for all humankind, right here in the U.S.A. The foundation of the brand is built upon the principles of gender equality, social justice, supporting LGBT+ and empowering women. Upward Yoni is not about going with the flow but instead, creating your own. This is not a brand that encourages you to blend in, but instead stand out. Whether it’s your sexuality, gender, race or favorite color of the rainbow that makes you unique, Upward Yoni encourages you to own it every damn day! It’s through togetherness that we are strong and it is Upward Yoni’s mission to globalize this colorful, yoga community; one lifestyle tee at a time.



Hi, I’m Ashley! The queer, feminist and creative mind behind Upward Yoni! My journey with the brand began with the idea of combining yoga with social activism to create lifestyle tees that empower women, advocate for LGBT+, demand equality and encourage others like myself to come together as a community.

Before Upward Yoni, I spent years studying gender roles and female oppression in Spanish literature hoping to make a difference through scholarly articles and PowerPoint presentations. I explored topics such as gender equality, feminism, LGBT+ and more specifically, environmental issues from the perspective of Ecofeminism. As time went on, I became frustrated with my path in literature, realizing these issues didn’t just belong to the fictitious characters of the Spanish novela. Women today still aren’t paid and treated equally, LGBT+ worldwide are mistreated, and our government is still not protecting our rights as human beings. These aren’t just literary themes or historical issues at all; we’ve got a problem.

So here I am. I’ve packed up all of my books and my half written thesis and I’ve translated them to something more effective. I’ve put my life’s work into fashion forward, yoga-inspired tees, tanks and mala beads. I hope to inspire each of you in some tiny, special way and I encourage you to fight for a better world: for ourselves, for the women in our lives, for LGBT+ and a better world for our future!