Upward YONI


Upward Yoni is a yoga-inspired lifestyle brand with a fashion forward mindset. All of the Upward tees are eco-friendly and each tee is designed by female for all humankind, right here in the U.S.A. The foundation of the brand is built upon the principles of gender equality, social justice, supporting LGBT+ and empowering women. Upward Yoni is not about going with the flow but instead, creating your own. This is not a brand that encourages you to blend in, but instead stand out. Whether it’s your sexuality, gender, race or favorite color of the rainbow that makes you unique, Upward Yoni encourages you to own it every damn day! It’s through togetherness that we are strong and it is Upward Yoni’s mission to globalize this colorful, yoga community; one lifestyle tee at a time.



Hi, I’m Ashley, the eco-feminist, lesbian and creative mind behind Upward Yoni. My journey with Upward Yoni began with the idea of combining yoga, art and activism to create a brand that both empowers women and advocates for LGBTQIA+ through yoga inspired fashion. As the brand continues to evolve, I plan to make Upward Yoni 100% eco-friendly. After all, I didn’t start a company to increase my carbon footprint here on Mother Earth.


Before starting Upward Yoni, I spent several years studying Spanish as a second language and then to further my education, I studied gender roles and female oppression in Spanish and Latin American literature. It wasn’t until grad school that I came across ecofeminism in a Contemporary Latin American Writingcourse. I was extremely fascinated by the concept from a literary standpoint but the deeper I went into the study, the more it became apparent to me that ecofeminism is not just a literary theme. I could have spent years analyzing Spanish literature and arguing points to support ecofeminism but then what? Continue to print those essays on paper (contradictory) and then submit them to some scholarly journal that maybe .5% of the population reads? Well, I still plan to do all of that, minus the printing part but I feel strongly compelled to bring the philosophy of ecofeminism to Upward Yoni because IT IS IMPORTANT! As for the Spanish part of my life, well you’ll see that here too because no one deserves to be excluded and besides, it’s a beautiful language.


As a lesbian let’s just say, “I’ve been there” and that goes for the rough patches too. My personal experience has been a learning one, a broken hearted one and a finding self one. At some point in my life, I hope to even write a book about this lifelong journey. I’ll make sure to include chapters like, “Coming Out Nightmare and Other Bible Belt Tales”, “Breakups are the New Vow Renewals”, “What’s a Dildo?” and “I’m Not Femme but I’m Not Butch Either”. My own mother would cringe if she read this portion of my bio, which is exactly why I chose to make Upward Yoni a brand that supports LGBTQIA+ on a daily basis (sorry, mom). To be completely honest, I took a huge risk with this decision because when you announce that you’re gay, or that your company is gay supporting, it deters people. But what everyone is missing is how it makes those identifying as LGBTQIA+ feel. How many stores can you honestly say are gay 365 days out of the year? Very few. As a society we’ve spent so much time focusing on making school systems accepting (why are they still not?), and the workplace accepting (don’t even get me started), so why not create a space that’s safe for all genders, all races, all sexualities, etc.… to shop?


Welcome to Upward Yoni, this store was created for you… all of you!





Ashley is a published freelance writer. She has written on a variety of topics including: travel, pet care, LGBTQIA+, health and wellness. Her work has been featured broadly accross the media, including companies such as TIME, Huffington Post, Curve Magazine, LOTL and Mantra Wellness Magazine.