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Meet Ash, the Girl Behind the Rainbow

Hi! I’m Ash, writer and creator of colorful things!

I am currently based in Upstate New York where I often catch a sunrise from my bike and spend snowy days cozied up in an oversized sweater.
 When I’m not creating or writing, you can find me training for the next race on my calendar because I love a good challenge.

Here's a litle bit more about me:
Favorite place: Spain
Where I like to hike: Red Rock Canyon Park (Topanga, Cali)
How I like my foam: With a splash of espresso
Almond or coconut milk? Coconut
Secret skill: I make a mean guac


Wondering why I created Upward Yoni?

For you, of course! And for your friends, your lovers and your little dog too!

Upward Yoni is a female-owned, wellness and lifestyle brand for all beautiful humans and a safe space for whoever may be in need of it.

Here you will find a variety of topics on the blog including: health & wellness, eco-friendly, food & nutrition, travel and LGBTQIA+

 I’m also published in Time, Huffington Post, Curve and Mantra Wellness. Don’t believe me?  

I’m sure you noticed there’s a bit of a theme going on here with the upside down rainbow. Try not to overthink it… it’s just so freakin’ cute!


What does “YONI” mean anyway!?

Yoni is actually a word in Sanskrit meaning sacred space or womb. In Hinduism, yoni refers to female genitalia, which symbolizes generative power and is often associated with the female goddess, Shakti. Badass, right?!

Why Yoni?

Yoni is subtle but empowering. It has a ring to it and les be honest, would you wear Vagina on your shirt? If you answered “probably”, that’s cool too. I feel you, you raging feminist you. 


Is Upward Yoni environmentally conscious? 

You betcha! All merch is ecofriendly & all orders are shipped in 100%

 polymailers because #savetheplanet

Find out more about Upward Yoni’s efforts.


Seriously, thanks for stopping by!

I hope you found what you’re looking for but just in case you didn’t, you can always send me a message