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Around the World in Eco-Poetry: A Photo Tour

Around the World in Eco-Poetry: A brief collection of 17 short poems that venture througout various places in the world accompanied by photographs in an attempt to show you the wonders of Mother Earth. Enjoy a sunrise in Savannah, Georgia, take a swim along the coast of Spain, feel the cool crisp air of the Rocky mountains and immerse yourself in the bustle of some of the most architectural-rich cities in the world just before winding down the Eerie canal for a summer sunset. 

Savannah, GA

Every wake she waves
Sunrise on the River
Her sailor long gone. 

San Sebastian, Spain

Sea Turtle at bay 
Her city closes at two 
Oh, San Sebastian. 

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Deadly but hollow 
Orange, violet and blue 
Shores of Bermuda. 

Oahu, Hawaii

High on Pillboxes 
My heart is racing. 

Güéjar Sierra, Spain

These narrowing streets 
White walls tell her history 
Hikers hideaway. 

Los Angeles, California

Step quietly dude
Across these wooden bridges' 
Pacific canals. 

Tangier, Morocco

Treasure in the city
Moroccan sanctuary
The Kasbah is closed. 

National Zoo, Washington D.C.

Grr-een spikes and blue
Capitalists' amusement
Endangered species. 

New York, NY

The Brooklyn Bridge
To coffee shops on Myrtle
Tourists in my way. 

Idyllwild, California

Pinecones like grenades
Trails of the bird dog country
These lands are her lands.

Whiteface Mountain, Adirondack Region

Hard to breathe, face white
Is that the sea or the sky? 
Holy shit I'm high. 

Venice, Italy

I never thought these 
Canals would flood, these people
Would flee from Covid-19.

Mallorca, Spain

From here I walked
To there I talked
That cave I swam 
Those shores I tanned
Santanyí I am. 

Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest

Where the sun may go
No one will ever know but
The tall trees she breathes. 

Boulder, Colorado

That girl flat irons, 
Her hair, air dryer 
She hikes, legs tired
To see Flat Irons.

Mt. Hood, Oregon

When you reflect here
Standing beside her Mirror
Ideas peak, white caps. 

Rochester, NY

She found herself on the Eerie Canal
Where the sun sets in the Flower City. 
Ice cream at the dairy farm. 
Goodnight, New York... our time is up. 

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