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The L Word: Generation Q, Episode 1: Let’s Watch it Again!

Wow! I really hope I’m not about to spoil the show for you any of you, I just… wow!!! With such anticipation, I went into this episode with an open mind because lez be honest, I really thought the reboot wouldn’t live up to my expectations with only three of the original ladies returning to the cast. However, to my surprise the show delivered and by delivered I mean, next day, no charge, eco packaging, a cute little message from the creator, kind of delivery. It was perfectly executed! …minus one little thing:
What happened to the theme song!? Maybe there could have been a modern rendition of the Betty classic? Any way, such a minor detail and it’s definitely made up for by the new soundtrack, which by the way is supposedly streaming on Spotify! You’re welcome.
So let’s talk L Word: Gen Q…



  1. Immediately, sex. Yass, yass, yass! Way to make an entrance ladies! One thing I loved about The L Word back in the day was how sexy it was. There was nothing like it on TV at the time, and as a 17 year old, closeted gay in the south, I really needed that vs. rewinding the Titanic over and over again (you know what part I’m talking about). Btw, as an openly gay female today, I still need tasteful lesbian sex on TV vs. some shitty, male driven narrative in porn.


  1. Period power! And more feminism! Hell yes I want to see real life situations I have to deal with as a female today and an even bigger hell yes to wanting to see deep, messy and believable lesbian sex. As usual, brilliantly executed. Also, love that Dani and Sophie were more focused on the ring size as a dilemma vs. period blood. I mean, “Rings are just a symbol of the patriarchy” anyway.


  1. Speaking of which, finally an L Word proposal! Well besides Bette and Tina’s ringless, bed talk proposal in season 6. Oh and Shane’s proposal to Carmen that developed from an argument. You get the point… Dani’s proposal to Sophie was heartfelt, romantic and immensely liberating. Last go around we didn’t get to see a formal engagement as a true sub-plotline mainly because society just wasn’t there yet, but now we AARE! Did anyone else cry, or was that just me?


  1. OMFG I need a lips/vagina lips, Alice "the name on everyone's lips",mug ASAP!!! And hello?! Ladies! 100 percent the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for the holigays. Just in case you missed it, there’s also definitely a black & white pillow in the background of the Alice Show set, “Girls just wanna do girls”. LOVE IT! Need it. Where can I find it?


  1. I have to admit, I wish we could see some co-parenting between Bette and Mama T. Remember when Tina’s ringtone was Angie’s cute little angelic voice, “You have a phone call” and now Angie is old enough to have her own phone! When did that happen? Sadly we missed all of those good years watching Bette and Tina raise a kid. But we're only on episode one...I still have faith that my favorite L Word couple of the 2000’s will make an appearance together again soon.


  1. What on Earth made Bette, Al and Shane turn heads and stare ghastly towards the other side of the room? Was it Jenny, returned from the psych ward after attempting suicide? (Just a theory, guys) Maybe it was Carmen, back to reclaim Shane, the new potential divorcée in town. Seriously, cannot wait to find out!


To say the very least, The L Word Generation Q has most successfully won this year’s decade challenge. Neither Bette, Alice or Shane has missed a beat since their last debut; helping us fan girls ease our way into the new and diverse plotline of this generation. Side note, I’m so excited to see Micah’s character develop. What a total hottie! Oh and love, love, love Bette for mayor. She definitely has my vote…and I don’t even live in Los Angeles.









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