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8 Ways to Empower Women

There are several ways to empower women and it has never been so important to understand why or how. No matter a woman’s race, ethnicity, sexual preference or social status, we can support each and every one of them with hopes of gaining gender equality, social justice and protected rights. Recently, a complete stranger on Instagram asked me about how to empower women. I believe his question was sincere although at the time, I thought he was joking so I laughed it off thinking to myself, “He can’t be serious”. But the message has been on my mind ever since the day I first found it in my inbox. What if this guy is completely clueless and if he is, how many other people are wondering the same thing!? Although I feel inclined to educate those who know nothing about the importance of empowering women and how to do so, I truly believe there’s something for everyone in this article. I encourage you to click the hyperlinks, spend some time getting to know the statistics and find ways to incorporate women empowerment into your life. Whether you’re a family member, coworker, your own girl boss or friend, here are eight very important ways to empower women.  


+ Understand Feminism: Feminism doesn’t mean that we should all hate men. Although often misunderstood, not all feminists are women and and being a feminist doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gay. Feminism is the foundation of gender equality. It’s the fundamental right for women to thrive as more than inferior to patriarchal boundaries. By definition, feminism is “The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes”. It’s crucial that feminism becomes something that is instilled in our society and not just a movement that came in waves sometime before the millennial generation was born. By understanding feminism, we are understanding the importance of women, we are recognizing them and we are empowering them to be not only the best women they can be but also the women they want to be.  


+ Support Female Owned Businesses: More and more women are starting businesses worldwide. Some women strive for global e-commerce while others are just as happy owning a local favorite, mom and popshop. No matter what a woman’s business goal is, the important thing is that women are improving the economy by providing employment, local business, increased revenue and creative platforms. According to the State of Women Owned Business in 2018, there were 12.3 million business firms owned by women (40% of all business firms in the United States), altogether they generate 1.8 trillion dollars in sales and these firms have employed 9.2 million people. The math is simple: the more female owned businesses, the more trillions of dollars made and lower unemployment rates achieved. Not only are you supporting the economy, you’re supporting female employment as well as empowering other women to start their own entrepreneurial endeavor.


+ Vote for women: Next year makes an entire century since women were granted the right to vote; now that is something to celebrate! To do so, it’s time we start using our vote to protect the lives and rights of women. With recent issues on the rise, voting for women doesn’t just mean electing women. It’s time to start voting on behalf of women. This year, a total of 5 states have passed what is referred to as a “heartbeat” bill, 10 states have proposed the bill and the state of Alabama has passed a law that almost bans abortion entirely. Although these laws have yet to go into effect, they are still in existence and if we don’t do something about it now, women, young girls, rape victims and more will be relinquished of their rights to make decisions for their own bodies. Georgia for example, has passed the LIFE Act (Living Infants Fairness and Equality), which bans abortion 5 to 6 weeks into pregnancy; most women aren’t even aware that they are pregnant at this point! So it’s time to take action. Just remember that yourvote matters, women’s votes matter and the lives of women in need of abortion matter. So ladies, get out there and vote! Vote for yourself, vote for your sister, your mother, your friends and most importantly, vote for the rights of women. 

(Voting on behalf of abortion rights is just one way to use your vote to empower women. For more information on voting pro choice visit #voteprochoice)


+ Congratulate her at work: When you think of women at work, does sexual harassment come to mind? If you answered yes, that’s because as of 2018, Stop Street Harassment conducted a survey with results showing that 81% of women have experienced some form of harassment in the work place. Women work hard every day, they show up and they get the job done and for that, they certainly deserve a safer space. It’s time to turn the catcalling into congratulating. Show her some respect by telling her she’s doing an excellent job. Maybe she nailed a presentation, earned a promotion or received recognition for employee of the month. Whatever the case may be she deserves a respectful and friendly compliment to let her know! For more information on how to end sexual violence and harassment in the workplace, check out me too. and join the movement. #metoo


+ Attend the Women’s March: The Women’s March is for everyone as long you are there to March for women. You don’t have to wear a fancy pink hat or carry a sign exploiting your beliefs; all you have to do is show up. In the first Women’s March ever held, millions of women were inspired nationwide to make a change. Since then, the polls have witnessed more female voters and more women as elected officials. Girls, daughters, mothers, LGBTQ+ women, teachers, celebrities, doctors and politicians alike have all made a stand in demand of social justice. The women’s march isn’t just a stroll down the streets of our nation’s capital city; it’s the movement our country has desperately needed for decades. For more information visit Women’s March to learn more about how you can participate where you live. #womenswave


+ Listen to her: The stigma that women talk “too much” is not only derogative, it’s a false stereotype that we’ve heard for decades. In support of this sexist assumption, women have even been burdened with the common nickname, “Chatty Cathy”. Why not “Chatty Chad” or “Chase”? Let’s face it, for years, our society hasn’t cared about what women have to say. Now is our time to speak up and be heard. Listening to women talk is more important than ever. Encouraging her to speak and communicate empowers her to have a voice. Actually listening to what she has to say, not only provides her the opportunity to be heard, but it also makes her feel appreciated. On the bright side, you might even learn something from what she has to say. 


+ Send her an encouraging text: Cards, flowers, lunch dates and phone calls are all excellent ways to communicate encouragement but let’s face it, today’s society is a busy one. Between work, extracurricular, working out and happy hour, the quickest way to get in touch is texting. Women are human and sometimes we have good days and sometimes we have bad days. No matter what kind of day I’m having, an encouraging text will do the trick. It doesn’t have to be well thought out or lengthy. A simple, “You got this, girl” can make a grey day, a great one! Even sending an Emoji can say it all. Just like the power of a smile, an encouraging text goes a long way. It’s the little things in life that are remembered for a lifetime.  


+ Give Her a Shout Out: From one boss babe to another, it’s important that we support one another, encourage one another and promote one another. We are stronger together so why not work together to lift one another up? Being a boss is hard work and being a girl boss is even harder. By promoting other women’s work, we are supporting her in the best way possible. Giving a shout out to any girl boss and what she does means we’re establishing trust, encouraging more support for her work and letting her know that what she is doing is awesome. Just remember that each and every girl boss is a part of the movement of establishing gender equality and women’s rights for a future that’s female. You go girl! #girlboss


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