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5 Reasons to Create Your Own Fruit Bowl

When the temps are at a record high and you just can’t beat the heat, fruit is always a refreshing, summer go to. It’s perfect for breakfast, cookouts, parties, beach days, smoothies, picnics… the list goes on! Let’s be honest though, it’s definitely easier to just grab pre-cut fruit at the grocery store, especially on a hot summer day. It’s already made which saves you time and a big juicy mess in the kitchen but you’re missing out on some excellent benefits by not creating a fruit bowl right at home. So the next time you go to buy pre-cut fruit, consider these five simple reasons to make your own bowl.   

 +It’s Budget friendly: Fruit in general can be pricey especially if you buy organic. At an even higher cost, grocery stores have found a faster way to move fruit off the shelves, create more work for employees and make more money buy chopping your favorite fruits and marketing it as a quick fix to your craving. Essentially, we are paying grocery stores an additional fee for labor just to have a ready-made fruit bowl at our expense. Why spend more money when you can get more fruit at a cheaper cost? That’s right, less fruit goes into the premade bowls than if you just bought one pineapple, a carton of berries and a few mangos. By making your own fruit bowl at home, you’re not only saving money, you’re getting more fruit for the price you pay.

 +Get to know your fruit: Fruit is often a cultural food and it’s certainly a regional one. For example, Hawaii prides itself on their pineapple, as they should. Local Hawaiian pineapple is sweet, juicy and most importantly fresh. Some would argue that you can’t get a better pineapple anywhere else. So why is this important to anyone who’s not living the island life on the Hawaiian isles? Because without the local farmers and businesses of Hawaii (Dole for example), the rest of the United States wouldn’t have the privilege of enjoying this delicious fruit. When shopping for fruit to add to your very own fruit bowl, you get to know where your fruit is from versus when you buy pre-cut fruit. Who knows where each variety of fruit came from? With your own bowl, you can proudly say that you know who you’re supporting by buying their produce. Making a fruit bowl for a fancy brunch? Now you can include a fancy label, Fresh Pineapple local to Hawaii.

 +Choose your own variety: I always feel like I’m at a disadvantage when I buy pre-cut fruit bowls because there seems to always be a fruit in the mix that I’m not a fan of. For me, it’s grapes. I’d honestly rather have more watermelon or cantaloupe. When you make your own fruit bowl, you have the advantage of choosing what goes in it. If you want to combine mangos and strawberries, combine mangos and strawberries! Feeling indecisive? Combine all of your favorite fruits into one bowl. There isn’t a rule stating only melons can be mixed with melons and berries shouldn’t go with tropical fruits. Have it all! 

 +It’s fresh: Chances are, the pre-cut fruit at your local grocer has been sitting in the case for a few days. There’s nothing wrong with that, if you like old fruit, but why not choose the freshest option? By making your own fruit bowl, you can pick the freshest fruit available, chop it up and eat it all in the same day. It doesn’t get any fresher than that! But what if there’s more fruit than you can eat before it spoils? 

+Freeze it for later:  I know I mentioned that buying your own fruit to make a fruit bowl means you get more fruit. That’s great if you have kids who pack lunch or you’re hosting a large party but often times, that’s not the case. Don’t throw out the leftovers just yet! Fresh fruit is great in smoothies, so why not freeze your fruit instead? Freezing your leftovers means avoiding the cost of buying a bag of frozen fruit at the grocery store. Now you’re really saving! Not a fan of smoothies? Frozen berries are tasteful in cocktails and mocktails, which makes for an excellent ice cube replacement. Now you can keep your summer drinks cold without them watering down.



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