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Why Shop at Upward Yoni?

Shopping at Upward Yoni means supporting the environment, equality and women in small business. We can’t change the world all at once but we can certainly take steps toward improvement each and every day. Be a part of the Upward movement by wearing the gear, fighting for the rights of women and LGBT+ and live intentionally for a better planet.

+ Eco-Friendly: Going green and living an eco-friendly life has certainly become a growing trend but more importantly, it’s becoming more and more important for our environment. Being eco-friendly is not only about your carbon footprint, it’s about living intentionally for a better planet. One way to be more mindful of Mother Earth is to liven up your wardrobe with eco-friendly styles. At Upward Yoni all tees are eco-friendly as a way of supporting the wellbeing of our environment and making a contribution to promote a greener, healthier lifestyle.  

+ Female Owned: Women still aren’t treated equally in today’s society and that’s an issue that we need to stop at nothing to overcome. By supporting female owned business, we are supporting female recognition, representation and growth of our economy. Supporting women owned businesses means supporting the opportunity for employment, economic growth and most importantly, the opportunity to give back to our communities. Upward Yoni is a small business owned by female and supports other female owned business. As a small, female owned business, Upward Yoni’s mission is to not only give back to the community, but also create one.

+ Empowering Women: Not only is Upward Yoni a female owned business, it’s a brand that advocates for empowering women. Merchandise such as the “Ecofeminism” tee and “Flexible Femme”, were designed in efforts to create awareness in order to achieve social justice for women. Upward Yoni is 100% for supporting women, empowering women and creating a community space for women. As a brand, it is important to constantly inspire other women to do what they believe in, fight for gender equality and make a stand for women’s rights. Together we are female strong.

+ Supports LGBTQIA: As a brand representing equality, one of the most important aspects of Upward Yoni is supporting LGBTQIA. Supporting LGBT+ means eliminating hate, violence and discrimination against persons identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, asexual or intersex. To make a conscious effort to achieve equality and acknowledgment of human rights in the LGBT+ community, Upward yoni includes positive and meaningful products in support of Gay Rights. 

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