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Upward Yoni is Going Greener with 100% Compostable Polymailers

As you may have noticed, the logos above have been popping up around here lately, and for a very good reason. With conscious living as a core value here at Upward Yoni, making sustainable choices has become increasingly important considering the current threats humanity imposes on our ecosystem and planet. As small businesses become more aware of the importance of greener efforts, it is important that consumers are also educated on how sustainability and eco-conscious principals in retail continue to positively impact our lives. In order to successfully make use of the new 100% compostable polymailers, Upward Yoni kindly asks that you learn how to properly dispose of one once it’s in your hands.

So here’s why Upward Yoni made the switch and what you can do to help the environment too:

  1. To be honest, going green on behalf of the planet was a no brainer; the question was “how?” By changing the way products are shipped at Upward Yoni, it meant reducing the amount of plastic and bio hazardous materials being emitted into our atmosphere. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the United States produces approximately 14 Million tons of plastic packaging per year. What’s even more devastating is that only 9% of plastic ever made has been recycled…EVER! (National Geographic). By eliminating plastic packaging, that’s one step closer to a greener planet. The goal is to create and distribute goods that have a positive impact but a smaller carbon footprint, which is why Upward Yoni made the switch to Noissue 100% compostable polymailers. Together we can work to improve the world, one less plastic package at a time.
  1. Now that Upward Yoni has made the switch, it’s time for you to learn what you can do too. Unfortunately, even sustainable packaging can end up at the bottom of a landfill, which defeats its purpose entirely. Let’s say for example that you toss the mailer in the trash because you assume that you can... STOP right there! Go grab that mailer because here’s what you need to do:
    1. Make sure all plastics and or adhesives are removed from the polymailer (i.e. tape)

    2. Compost the polymailer

    3. If you do not have a compost heap, you’re not out of luck quite yet. Ask around to see if there is a community compost heap or check to see if a friend of a friend has one you can contribute to

    4. Start your very own compost heap, then repeat 1 & 2

    5. Reuse the polymailer
*For more information on how to dispose of the 100% compostable polymailer, visit Noissue for a step-by-step video guide.
  1. One of my favorite perks when ordering products from Noissue is becoming a part of their Eco Packaging Alliance. Every time an order is placed, a tree is planted to take action against global deforestation. “In terms of climate change, cutting trees both adds carbon dioxide to the air and removes the ability to absorb existing carbon dioxide. If tropical deforestation were a country, according to the World Resources Institute, it would rank third in carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions, behind China and the U.S. ” (National Geographic). If we continue to allow for this, it’s projected that we will indefinitely lose several species, a stable environment and breathable air. By ordering from Upward Yoni, you are supporting to end deforestation and for that, I thank you but most importantly, Mother Earth thanks you.


As a reminder: packaging makes up for 1/3 of household waste (EPA) and we, as both small business owners and consumers, have a choice to change this. Thank you for being a part of Upward Yoni’s green efforts to save the planet and take action against deforestation.
















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