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7 Reasons to Love Working with Tiny Fish Printing

When I moved to Rochester, NY a little over a year ago, I decided to start my very own business. Knowing I’d need to work hand-in-hand with a printing company, the big question remained: Who would be best for bringing my brand to life? Better yet, who can I trust with my art and design? A quick search landed me a few local options, Tiny Fish Printing being one of them. Immediately, I loved their playful website and quirky little logo. In the back of my mind, I already knew I’d be working with them in the future. So, I gave them a call. I’ll never forget our first conversation. I was so nervous, putting myself out there as an artist for the first time, discussing textiles, color and ink like I was auditioning for the next season of Project Runway. But never once were my ideas shut down. Instead, they were eager to hear more about my projects and help me get my brand up and running. I hung up the phone that day with a huge smile on my face. I just knew my tees could be trusted with Tiny Fish because with new and local artist like myself in mind at Hayward Ave., this tiny company is making big waves in the Pantone, Classic-Blue sea and here’s why:
Artists Come First: at Tiny Fish Printing, you are an artist and you come first. From lifestyle tees to beanies and accessories, the crew at Tiny Fish believes in bringing your creative ideas to life no matter how big or small. Choose up to 16 colors for your graphic tees, explore their embroidery options and more. Dreaming of gold foil designs or embroidered logo patches? From canvas to apparel, Tiny Fish has your back.
A Team that Seeks to Inspire: the moment you walk into the showroom, expect that feeling. The one you get in a new to a place, when you know you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, at exactly the right time. Find inspiration in their conference room, where you’ll see an array of objects mounted to the wall and painted Tiny Fish Green. Bizarre or brilliant? You decide. Regardless, dream big within these walls and watch your endless ideas as they come to life.
Efficiency is their Mojo: the word efficient is one you often find on a boring, bullet-point list of qualities a company boasts in the about section, but I’m serious. These guys are ready to meet deadlines and without the risk of losing quality when it comes to product and outcome. Need those muted tie-dye tees ready for the next yoga festival? No problem, just give them at least 7-10 business days for production while you work on that Chaturanga.
(Tee by Upward Yoni)
They make communication easy: No matter where you are in the world, the TF team is available to talk you through the darkest of dyes. In my experience, receiving an email response within 24 hours has been the norm, and most of the time, I hear back within the same workday. Not only are they great with general questions, they are thorough about communicating with you throughout production. Know exactly when an invoice has been received, always expect a follow-up email from the design department and sleep better at night knowing some of the best artists in town will never begin printing without your approval of the final draft first.
(Tee by Sugarfoot Apparel)
Small Businesses welcome here: size doesn’t matter, right? At least not at Tiny Fish… In fact, your small business is just as valuable as any, which is why working first-hand with each team member has never been easier. By owning a small business, you’re doing the greater good and Tiny Fish Printing supports that. Want to see for yourself how they’re connecting with local, small businesses? Check out this family owned, Upstate clothing brand Sugarfoot Apparel. More of a cozy pullover and yoga outdoors kinda gal? TF is also printing nothing but good vibes with Hikyoga, a locally owned and female operated business out of Rochester.
(Tee by Le Petit Poutine)
Expect Top Quality: Get ready to go beyond basic because quality comes first when working with these guys, taking your fashion designs to the next level. How, you might be wondering? TF’s Six-Point Quality Control is the Poutine to their food truck, ensuring you get the absolute best out of your experience. Check out their Six-Point Quality Control here to find out what it takes to get from mockup to shipment in 6 guaranteed steps.
Green Efforts: as you may already know, the printing industry isn’t exactly known for being the most sustainable and eco-friendly but at Tiny Fish, BIG efforts are definitely being made. By implementing eco-conscious cleaning methods, TF is aiming for a 100% closed-loop water cycle in addition to their bio-reclaim system that’s already being incorporated into production. Acknowledging that printing can be wasteful also has this team outsourcing their efforts in other ways such as break room composting and using eco-friendly shipping methods. Diverting from mass-commercialized projects and working with small, locally owned and operated businesses also earns Tiny Fish bonus points when it comes to protecting Mother Earth. Interested in learning more about the impacts of fast fashion on our planet? Check out this insightful blog, here

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